Professional Oven Cleaning in London

For spotless, professional oven cleaning in London, contact Excellent Carpet Cleaning. We are masters in the kitchen and oven cleaning field. We’ve had more than 10.000 happy customers, with 98% of them choosing to book us a second time. Get a guaranteed spotless cleaning and give us a call today, you’ll enjoy:Professional oven cleaning in London

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Enjoy a nice tasting meal once again and have your oven cleaned by the best team in London. Call Excellent Carpet Cleaning by dialling 020 3404 0500. We are available from early mornings till late evenings even on weekends and holidays.

Excellent Oven Cleaning in London

This service covers the full cleaning of every oven type from Rayburn to Rangemaster, Smeg, Stanley, AGA Range and even Alpha Range. We can also remove the grease and carbon from Ceramic cooktops, stoves, gas cooktops, cookware, extractors, warming drawers, microwaves, Barbeques, ceramic hobs, hotplates. The service uses all natural detergents instead hazardous chemical filled cleaning solutions. For your safety and well being we use 100% bio-degradable detergents. They leave no trace in the oven or any of the components we clean.

Dunk Tank Method

Over-usage of ovens is quite common in households and commercial settings. This results in the accumulation of heavy greasy residues on the moving parts of the oven. It wears the bearings on parts like fans and clogs the vents not allowing proper airflow. This not only affects the taste of food but also the efficiency and performance of the oven itself.

Dirty ovens consume up to 20% more electricity than clean ones. This results in a higher electric bill. Proper cleaning of not only the inside of the oven but also its moving parts is a vital part of the full oven cleaning.

We take apart everything that we can such as trays, panels, fans, racks, light protectors and even control knobs and extractor filters and fans. We place these parts in separate vats filled with a degreasing cleaning solution. They soak in there for the entire duration of the cleaning. The soaking removes the greasy residue accumulated over time. It does not need wired brushes or heavy cleaning. Once the inside of the oven is fully cleaned, we rinse the separate parts and place them back inside.

Inside Oven Cleaning

After the oven has been taken apart we can properly clean the inside. We remove deep and heavy grease accumulations or burnt to carbon food leftovers with a special detergent. This is a compound which allows us to scrub the inside without damaging or scratching the panels. The front door of the oven is taken out and cleaned while the inside is being treated.

First, the technician uses a cloth to remove as much of the food particles and leftovers as possible. he sprays the inside with the degreasing agent and leaves it to soak for 5 minutes. During that time the grease reacts with the remover, destroying its bond to the oven. It makes it easier for us to remove it using a micro fibre cloth. Any leftover grease is sprayed further and removed with the same technique.

To ensure that nothing is left behind we further spray the oven. After that, the residue and detergent are rinsed from the inside of the oven. The front panel and glassed door are separately cleaned until they are spotless. In some cases, the glass panel needs to be removed for proper cleaning. After everything is sparkling, we put the oven back together. A drying cycle of the oven is used to remove any moisture from the inside.

Appliance Cleaning

Besides oven cleaning, we perform full appliance cleaning such as fridge and freezer cleaning, microwave and barbeque cleaning, tile and splashback cleaning. We also clean toaster ovens, kettles, sinks and remove garbage.

Booking Professional Oven Cleaning in London

To book Excellent Carpet Cleaning’s professional oven cleaning service call 020 3404 0500. You can also use the booking form at all times. We work on weekends, bank holidays and even late evenings and early mornings. Any additional treatments will get you up to 15% discount on your order price.

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