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Hard floor cleaning For properly maintained and cleaned hard floors in London, give Excellent Carpet Cleaning a call. Enjoy our experience and knowledge and get a guaranteed clean finish each time you call. With us, there are no risks or gambles. For a domestic and commercial hard floor maintenance in London, call 020 3404 0500. Our customer care team is here for you and it will handle all the fine details of the booking. Get a time slot convenient for you and enjoy the best hard floor cleaning and maintenance in London. Once you’ve called and scheduled with us, you will enjoy:

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Floor Care & Protection

Excellent Carpet Cleaning’s professional hard floor cleaning will return the quality of your floors. We will make them look almost like new. We use modern techniques that allow us to capture the dirt and grime in your floors. They also impregnate the surface to prevent further dirt accumulation.

A decade of experience and expertise allow us to properly clean a wide range of hard floor types such as natural wood, linoleum, laminate floors, vinyl, Karndean and Amtico, marble, granite, tile, terrazzo, limestone, travertine, York stone, soapstone, sandstone, slate, terracotta, quarry tiles, Victorian tiles and quite a lot more.We also do grout removal and application, grout crack filling, specialised wooden floor cleaning and maintenance, sanding and any other hard floor maintenance job you can think of.

Hard Wood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Once on location our cleaners first establish the kind of wood that has been used. Each wood type has different fibre orientation and thickness and requires a different approach. Once the type of wood has been established, the seal and finish of the floor are inspected.

If the seal is still intact, then a simple surface cleaning is enough. All surface filth is removed and the floor looks almost like new. In cases where the seal has been worn, even if in places, deep cleaning is required. The seal of the wood acts as a barrier for dirt and grime. If it's worn and improperly applied it can cause damage to the wood. A worn seal means that filth has reached the grain of the wood, it's removal can be done only with floor sanding. The wood is sanded until the filth is gone, then a coat of new sealing agent is applied. A second coating will take up to 2 hours to dry, while only one coat takes 30 minutes.

With regular maintenance hardwood, floors can last centuries. If left unchecked, they can be ruined in weeks or months.

Stone & Slate Floor Cleaning

Stone and slate floors last a long time they are one of the toughest floor types. They are also one of the most gorgeous depending on the detail and style of stone and slate used. An issue with these floors is that they accumulate dirt over time, just like with any other floor. Stone floors, slate floors and tiles that mimic these floors have pitted areas. They gather and accumulate a lot of dirt which cannot be accessed with a mop or a brush. With time these areas get filled with layers upon layers of bacteria and grime.

Regular cleaning techniques can't do the job right, and leave small amounts of dirt behind. This makes the sealing process incomplete meaning the floor is never fully protected as it can be. To remove these dirt layers, we use a special emulsification technique. It dissolves the layers using high pressure and high temperatures. We are able to fully extract all the dirt from the floor with professional machines. It is good to use a sealing agent to prevent future grime accumulation or to ease future cleaning.

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