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Domestic Cleaning Services in London

domestic cleaning LondonEnjoy the comfort and flexibility of Excellent Carpet Cleaning’s London domestic cleaning service. It's done by your own professional cleaner. Whether a one-time cleaning experience or a regularly scheduled one, our team is confident that it can deliver the desired results. Enjoy professional cleaning of your home with our one-off cleaning service in London. Call us on 020 3404 0500 at any time to book. Get a free quote and information on how to save time and money with Excellent Carpet Cleaning in London. Call now and enjoy:

  • Flexible booking
  • Deposit free scheduling
  • Weekend and holiday slots

Domestic Cleaners London - Skilled & Flexible

The service is suitable for people who need their home clean whenever they can't clean it alone. You can tailor the cleaning experience according to your personal preferences and standards. Choose when the cleaner comes, how much they clean and exactly what is take care of. From small chores like pet feeding to plant water to fridge cleaning and ovens scrubbing, all our jobs are regulated with quality control checks and re-training sessions of cleaners.

To book the service you have to call and specify your needs. If you schedule a one-time cleaning then we send a cleaner or a team of cleaners to clean the premise. Regular cleaning is done by one cleaner who comes around according to the schedule you have specified. Regular cleaning comes with preferential prices to one-off cleaning, saving you time and money.

One-off Cleaning

This service covers the needs of clients who are looking for a one-time cleaning for their home. A comprehensive cleaning can be done on the premise. It covers all surfaces, floors, windows and upholstery as well as extra treatments which can be booked beforehand. When booking several services you get a discount with lower rates than usual.

Once you have scheduled the cleaning, we send a team of cleaners to the location specified. Everything specified for cleaning will be treated properly and thoroughly. We can use all natural detergents with a 100% biodegradability rate. We can either bring our own detergents or use the ones present on the premise. Keep in mind that consumer grade cleaning agents have less cleaning power than the professional ones. Additional charges apply for professional equipment and detergents brought by us.

Regular Cleaning

You can book the regular cleaning service at any time, even after a short notice. Once you book you get a personal cleaner who comes and cleans whenever you have scheduled them to come. With this service, you can choose the frequency and duration of the cleaning as well as what will be cleaned. Services such as laundry washing, folding, bed making, plant watering and pet walking are available at your request. You can also specify which treatments are a priority and set goals each day.

It’s important to note that the cleaner can only do so much in a given time slot. He will only do what is possible starting with the highest priority. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your current cleaner you can request a new one. Our regular quality checks ensure that you get full satisfaction. The more our cleaner becomes familiar with your home the more efficient and fast his or her performance will be.

You have to provide all cleaning equipment such as mops, vacuum cleaner, as well as any detergents that will be used. You can also request professional detergents and equipment. This requires that said supplies are dropped off an hour before the cleaner comes. This option is only viable if several cleaners have been booked for at least 3 hours. You can cancel and reschedule at any time. The service allows for full flexibility under your personal preferences.

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To book our professional cleaning service in London, dial 020 3404 0500. It offers full access to all information on our cleaning and general service. In case you need more info, you can also use the booking form here. For your convenience, you can also request a call back using the booking form. All venues of contact with our team are free of obligations.