How to Take Proper Care of Wool Upholstery

If your sofa or other upholstered furniture is made of wool or wool blend, there are some easy ways to ensure that it stays clean and in pristine condition for longer.

wool upholstery

Regular cleaning is a must

First of all, it is crucial that you take regular care of the wool upholstery. This will take very little time and will prevent the build up and embedding of dirt, dust, and residue which can cause soiling.

All you need to do is to hoover your wool sofa and other furniture regularly and thoroughly. Do this at least once a week, as you would hoover your carpets and rugs too. Regular removal of the dust and dirt particles will keep the sofa upholstery from wear which they can cause to the fabric if they get deeply embedded in the fabric.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is recommended 2 to 3 times a year, and more often if you have pets, children, or people who suffer from dust allergies and other health conditions which can be affected by dust and dust mites. Of course, if the sofa suffers a lot of spillages, you should deep clean it more regularly too. For the deep cleaning, it is advisable to rely on professional upholstery cleaners, who know how to safely and efficiently clean the upholstery and remove any treatable stains.

If you decide to do your own deep cleaning, make sure you check any labels and instructions for cleaning given by the manufacturer of the furniture first. Always test a new solution which you are planning on using on a small and hidden spot on the upholstery before proceeding with the cleaning.

Act fast in case of stains

As for stains, it is essential that you treat spillage as soon as possible after it occurs. Blot away any excess liquid with paper towels or scoop up other spilled material with a spoon first. If you have spilled an alcoholic drink, use a clean white cloth dipped in some rubbing alcohol and lukewarm water. Never rub any stains because you can actually increase the damage, just blot the stain until it is gone.
If you have spilled coffee on your wool upholstery, blot it out with a clean white cloth dipped in a mixture of warm water and distilled white vinegar.

Blood stains can be removed from your wool upholstery by blotting it with a cloth dipped in white vinegar first and then in cold water. Never use warm water to treat blood stains, because it can actually make the stain permanent.

Author: Madison Kirby

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