Interior Design Ideas on a Budget

Autumn maybe not the best season for big home renovations but it’s just the right time for some small home decor changes that will give your place a fresh start without risking the balance of your bank account. See a few interior design ideas on a budget! living_room

Put some colour on the walls

If you are not happy with your generic white walls or just need a change, repainting your walls is a good idea that won’t cost you a fortune. Last weekend I changed the colour of my bedroom walls from orange to mint green and I was surprised to find out that this changed the whole atmosphere of the room. It became a real oasis – fresh and calm. Another good idea is to set a feature wall – one wall that is in contrast with the other ones. So, painting is always a good budget-friendly idea when it comes to home re-decoration.

Pillows, pillows, pillows

Devils in the details – this motto is absolutely true when it comes to home decoration. It’s really amazing how a small detail like two little pillows on the sofa can transform the look of the whole living room. In IKEA you can buy a pillow for less than 10 pounds. Another idea is to change the pillowcase of your old pillow and give it a new life.

Consider some second-hand shopping

As I was looking for a new 5-pound dress to go with my new designer sandals a few weeks ago I discovered you should buy not only second-hand clothes but also second-hand home items. I bought the perfect curtains for my living room that matched perfectly with my new mint walls. They cost almost nothing but they changed everything – the light, the atmosphere… everything!

Lighting is really important

As it comes to lighting there’s one thing I learned from experience: orange lighting fixture is not a good idea. I had two of them and my living room looked like a bar. So, I bought simple industrial lighting from IKEA and I love it!

Put some art

A painting on the wall or a sculpture can change the whole mood of your home. And a piece of art doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Of course, I’d be glad to own a piece by Andy Warhol but a painting of your little kid is also a great idea! And, it would be way more personal for you. A vintage item from a flea market could also be a statement piece in your home. Just trust your style and intuition!

Get rid of useless things

I follow the rule “If I don’t use something for more than a year I threw it away, donate it or sell it”. This way I don’t collect a lot of useless things that make my home looks like a storage. Less is more.

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Author: Madison Kirby

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