How to Clean Your Viscose Rug

Viscose rugs can be incredibly chic, but they need regular care a proper cleaning in order to keep them in good shape and form at all times. Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do to keep your viscose rug in pristine condition:


Don’t use any water

Do not use water on a viscose rug. Water will cause viscose to turn yellow and can permanently damage it! Instead of water, use an acetic or citric solution which will not cause the yellowing of the fibres. In fact, if you treat such yellow spots on your viscose rug with such a solution they may eventually disappear!

Don’t use too much cleaning solution

Since the viscose fibres are very absorbent, abstain from using too much solution in order to avoid oversaturating your rug.

Be gentle

Be gentle when cleaning your viscose rug. Never scrub it too hard or use an electric rug cleaner on it. If there is a spillage, use paper towels or a clean white cloth to gently blot away the spilled stuff, and after that, a cloth dipped in the acetic or citric solution to carefully dab the spot until the stain is removed. Always move the cloth in the direction of the rug’s pile, rather than rubbing it backward and forward. After you are done, you can soften the viscose fibres with some fabric softener sprayed on the treated area.

Dry it fast

Make sure that the rug or the area cleaned dries as quickly as possible in order to avoid damage and mildew. Do not put it near a direct heat source though! Open the windows or place it outside out of the direct sunlight to dry faster.

Brush the carpet

Brush the cleaned carpet with a brush with soft bristles, so that the treated area doesn’t look different from the rest of the rug. You can use a brush to make the entire viscose rug look like nobody has walked on it by brushing all its fibres in the same direction.

Don’t use a vacuum cleaner

Do not use a vacuum cleaner to hoover your viscose rug, or if you absolutely have to, use the gentlest vacuum setting.

Do you have your rug deep cleaned at least once a year? It is advisable that you hire a professional rug cleaning company to do that for you. They have the experience, technology, and solutions to do that in a safe and efficient manner.

Yes, it is not the easiest rug to clean, but a viscose rug can bring that extra touch of class and style to your home, so it is absolutely worth it!

Author: Madison Kirby

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