NB! Safety and Fire Resistance of Carpets and Upholstery

Have you thought of the fire hazards of your sofas and upholstered furniture at home? For the sake of your safety, and to make sure that their upholstered furniture is made according to all flammability standards and regulations, more upholstery manufacturers and retailers are getting familiarized with these requirements and certified for compliance with them.


FIRA is offering ongoing courses for a better understanding of all the requirements and regulations for the flammability of upholstered furniture for home and commercial use in Britain. The course familiarizes the trainees with the requirements of the current standard for Furniture and furnishing fire and safety regulations BS 7176 and BS 7177, from 1988. These standards were developed to ensure that the components, as well as the composites for the making of upholstery, are in accordance with the requirements for ignition resistant levels and that they are all labeled correctly.

These regulations and standards apply to all kinds of upholstered furniture and items, such as sofas, divans, cushions, mattresses, upholstered chairs, upholstered bedsteads, toppers, headboards, bean bags and others.

The BS 7176 standard set the rules and requirements for upholstered furniture used for commercial purposes and includes the various hazard levels which are allowed.

The BS 7177 standard sets the requirements for safety and flammability of mattresses for domestic and commercial use. The course includes programs training the attendees about the different schedules according to these regulations. It’s about the specific requirements for safety and fire resistance for mattresses, divan bases, and toppers. The course explains all the requirements for labeling all these upholstered products in regard to the fire regulations, test reports as well as the traceability of all products and materials used for the manufacture of an upholstered product.

This is definitely a course we would like all British manufacturers, importers, and sellers of upholstered furniture to attend. It is also important that we learn to pay attention to the fire regulation labeling on the upholstered furniture and products we buy or to ask for more information about their safety when shopping for such furniture. This could make a whole bit of difference, in case of fire in our home or business property, and the safety of all those inhabiting it!

So, next time you go out shopping for upholstered furniture, mattresses and other upholstered products, make sure you take the time to verify if the product of your choice complies with the requirements for safety and fire resistance! This could literally save your property and your life.

Author: Madison Kirby

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