How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Room

When picking a new rug for your living room, remember that a good rug can really tie a room together, to quote the famous Big Lebowski movie. This statement though funny in the context of the movie is quite right when it comes to real life. There are multiple variables and characteristics you need to keep in mind in order to find the perfect rug for your living room.

Here are a few ideas which may help make your choice easier:

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Pick the right size and shape

Naturally, take all necessary measurements, so that you pick the right size and shape when choosing a rug. Take into consideration the style of your interior, the furniture and overall style of your living room and look for a rug which will match this style accordingly. You don’t want a rug which will clash with the rest of your interior design.

Think about the type of rug you want – do you want a delicate silk rug or prefer a synthetic version, for example. Of course, pick the rug which grabs your attention and wins your heart over. It is, after all, a matter of personal taste when picking a new rug.

Set a budget

Price is not something to be overlooked. Set yourself a budget range for the rug and try to find the best possible option within this price range. Keep in mind though, higher quality rugs cost more, so you should probably consider spending a little more than planned by making a good long-term investment!

Consider the rug cleaning

Don’t forget about the maintenance which the rug of your choice will require. Can it be washed with a steam cleaner or washed, or do you need to perform dry cleaning or rely on a professional rug cleaning company to take care of it for you? This is an important matter which you need to take into consideration early on before you choose your rug.

Choose a rug which takes up enough of the floor space, but also leaves some floor space, so as not to overpower the entire space of the living room. This will provide you with coziness without becoming too overpowering.

Think about purchasing a rug which will not be hidden underneath too much furniture but will rather serve as a soft walking space for you and your family instead.

If the area is high traffic or frequently used, the likelihood of spilling, staining and soiling the rug is much bigger, so you may consider getting a rug or rugs which can withstand soiling and staining and can take on more wear.

Deep cleaning is a must for all kinds of rugs, in order to keep the rug looking good, but also to keep the air in your living room healthy too. High pile rugs need deep cleaning at least once a year, and low pile rugs can do a deep cleaning once in every 2 years, which is another thing to keep in mind.

Author: Madison Kirby

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