Professional After Building Cleaning Services Kent DA

Insured after builders cleanersCleaning after builders can be a physically demanding, time consuming and frustrating job. This is the reason why Excellent Carpet Cleaning offers professional residential and commercial after builder cleaning for customers all through Kent DA. Our fast and productive after builders cleaning service is provided at a reasonable rate, and will save you the time and efforts of getting your house back to normal after a renovation and various other building contractors work has been done. We guarantee our clients:

  • A useful and simple to contact 24-7 client care service
  • The application of non-harmful, biodegradable Prochem cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning professionals who have been track record looked at, skilled and evaluated
  • A wholly insured cleaning service
  • A predetermined selling price, no hidden service fees and no downpayment for our service

To get a price offer simply dial 020 3404 0500 or send an online request here. We are there for you twenty four seven, hence your free and non-binding order will be supplied rapidly.

The Story Of Our Company

Since Excellent Carpet Cleaning started out offering services in Kent DA, we have been delivering office and domestic after builders cleaning services of the best quality and at the finest prices in the area. Just about all of our cleaners are seasoned and are constantly checked if they comply with our checklist, safety and quality measures. Getting appropriate, professional help for your post remodelling cleaning is crucial if you want to make sure that the damaging dirt, debris and builders waste is totally removed from your home following a renovation. We will certainly help your real estate to get back to its normal condition in a matter of a couple hours with the aid of the most recent professional cleaning equipment and detergents.

What To Expect From Our Professional Service

Because every single renovation is unique, the cleaning jobs provided throughout our after builders cleaning service can vary. Basically, our cleaning crew will execute all of the following professional cleaning jobs to ensure that all dust, spills and some other builder’s waste is taken out from your property :

  • Professional hoovering and cleaning of carpets/rugs and hard floors to eliminate any kind of accumulated dirt, residues, glue or paint spots
  • Builder's waste removal, Lavatory full cleaning
  • Windows, sill and frame cleaning
  • Cleaning of the doors, door casings, skirting boards, lighting fixtures, electrical sockets, lighting switches
  • Woodwork dusting, clean-up and polishing
  • Cleaning paint and plaster spots from the wall space and ceilings
  • Deep cleaning of rooms, hallways and stairways
  • Jet cleaning outdoor zones, like patios, walkways, driveways

More Services To Book

Together with our expert after builders cleaning, you may consider booking one or more of the other appropriate services we provide. You will probably save effort and capital as we offer big deals for combined booking of after builders cleaning together with one more service. Below are a few of the solutions to think about ordering:

  • Profound carpet cleaning - steam or dry plus spot removal
  • Thorough upholstery cleaning - steam and dry plus stain removal
  • Different handyman services - big and minor
  • A professional builders service to assist with the renovations
  • Outside windows and PVC framework cleaning
  • Pressure cleansing of the exterior
  • End of tenancy cleaning with a 48 hour client satisfaction assurance
  • Deep stove cleaning, kitchen devices cleaning
  • Cleaning, stripping and sealing hard floors - indoors and outside

Any time you start looking for a trusted and affordable after builders cleaning in Kent DA, think about checking out our deals and choosing our after builders cleaning service!

Home & Office After Builders Cleans Kent DA

After Builders Cleaning Services Kent DA Excellent Carpet CleaningWe pay extra attention to the kitchens, their floors, appliances, walls and cabinets as dust from all over the house is likely to have gotten into the room. If there are any carpets present we clean them thoroughly, shelves, cabinets and cupboards are wiped clean and dusted. Appliances like microwaves are dismantled & cleaned thoroughly to remove any filth, then put back together. Freezers and fridges are cleaned inside and outside, fingerprints around the handles are removed, their doors are wiped clean. Wall spot removal is also an option, available at an additional charge.

If the areas are carpeted e perform a deep cleaning if it has been requested. We pay extra attention to stairwells and staircases as they gather quite a lot of dust and are hard to clean without professional help. Sofas, picture frames and furniture are dusted and cleaned thoroughly. The couch is cleaned thoroughly with a hoover and couch cushions are lifted . All of the furniture is cleaned & dusted from dust, windows are cleaned inside with a possibility for booking an outside window cleaning separately at preferential prices, any pain stains are removed.

In the wet rooms we scrub the any fixtures, floors and walls that might need cleaning. We thoroughly clean around the toilet and if accessible clean the drainpipes and underneath the toilet itself. If there is carpeting, we remove any dust and debris that might be lying inside, you can additionally book a deep carpet cleaning service at preferential prices, if the situation requires it. Walls, mirrors, glasses and ceilings are cleaned, spider webs are removed, bathtubs are cleaned thoroughly, shower stalls, doors and floors are wiped and scrubbed clean and the sink is left spotless.

Services We Offer in Kent DA: