Expert After Builders Cleaning Company W Hammersmith and Fulham

Insured after builders cleaningIn case you have ever had refurbishments completed in your property or workplace, you probably know how difficult it is to get rid of all the leftover dust particles, stains and rubbish right after that. This is exactly why Excellent Carpet Cleaning provides super quality after builders cleaning services in Hammersmith and Fulham W. We specialise in residential and commercial after builders cleaning at the greatest after builders cleaning fees in the region. Our after builders cleaning company provides all our customers along with:

  • A 24/7 client care service for quick appointments and inquiries
  • Completely covered cleaning services
  • Prochem accredited, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • Accessibility whole year
  • Predetermined fees, no concealed fees, no deposit

If you would like a totally free and non-binding price offer for our after builders cleaning service, please call 020 3404 0500 or submit our 24/7 customer assistance staff an online request in here.

Get More And Pay Less With Excellent Carpet Cleaning

Combined with our specialised after builders cleaning, you could order just one or more of our cleaning and upkeep services. We provide special discounts of up to 15% for combining 2 or more of our services. Below are several of the services you can reserve along with:

  • Steam or dry deep upholstery or carpet cleaning
  • Our professional builders service to do the remodelling job
  • Construction leftovers removal, end of tenancy cleaning
  • Handyman service for maintenance and unusual jobs
  • Outdoor window or facade cleaning and wall cleaning
  • Profound cooker and any other kitchen appliances cleaning
  • Exterior & Interior hard floor cleaning, recovery as well as sealing

Have your residence or enterprise property properly cleaned out and safe right after a remodeling, reserve our expert after builders cleaning service now!

What You Need To Know About Our Cleaning Company

Excellent Carpet Cleaning was established in 2005. Ever since then, we have been providing top quality, reasonably priced commercial and home after builders cleaning in Hammersmith and Fulham W. Just about all of our cleaners have been individually recommended to our company. They are trained and very encountered in making use of our modern professional cleaning equipment, gear and solutions. Our objective is to supply all our clients with effective after builders cleaning which will make your renovated home habitable after just a couple of hours.

What To Expect From Our Expert Service

For the after builders cleaning service, our cleaning staff will arrive geared up with all tools, devices and detergents required to eliminate the dust, after building waste, paint and plaster spots and unsightly stains from your property after renovations or different other builders job has been carried out. Depending on the condition of your real estate, our service could involve:

  • Washing & hoovering hard floors as well as soft floors to remove all the built up dirt, plus any sorts of glue-based or paint spills
  • Rapid builders leftover waste removing
  • Inside window along with all window frames cleaning
  • Cleaning entrance doors, door casings, walls, ceilings, lamp switches, skirting boards, electric sockets, lighting fixtures and other surfaces
  • Wooden floors & furniture cleaning and polishing
  • Complete cleaning of all house areas, bathroom profound cleaning
  • Extensive cleaning of stairways and hallways
  • Scrubbing tiles and grout, kitchen profound cleaning
  • Jet washing outdoor spaces, such as: patios, driveways, walkways and many others

Domestic & Commercial After Builders Cleans Hammersmith and Fulham W

After Builders Cleaning Services Hammersmith and Fulham W Excellent Carpet CleaningWe pay extra attention to the kitchens, their floors, cabinets, appliances and walls as dust from all over the house is likely to have gotten into the room. If there are any carpets present we clean them thoroughly, cabinets, cupboards and shelves are wiped clean and dusted. Appliances like microwaves are cleaned and dismantled thoroughly to remove any filth, then put back together. Fridges and freezers are cleaned outside and inside, their doors are wiped clean, fingerprints around the handles are removed. Wall spot removal is also an option, available at an additional charge.

If the areas are carpeted e perform a deep cleaning if it has been requested. We pay extra attention to stairwells & staircases as they gather quite a lot of dust & are hard to clean without professional help. Sofas, picture frames and furniture are dusted and cleaned thoroughly. Couch cushions are lifted and the couch is cleaned thoroughly with a hoover. All of the furniture is cleaned and dusted from dust, any pain stains are removed, windows are cleaned inside with a possibility for booking an outside window cleaning separately at preferential prices.

In the wet rooms we scrub the floors, walls and any fixtures that might need cleaning. We thoroughly if accessible clean the drainpipes and underneath the toilet itself and clean around the toilet. If there is carpeting, we remove any dust and debris that might be lying inside, you can additionally book a deep carpet cleaning service at preferential prices, if the situation requires it. Walls, mirrors, glasses and ceilings are cleaned, bathtubs are cleaned thoroughly, spider webs are removed, shower stalls, doors and floors are wiped and scrubbed clean and the sink is left spotless.

Services We Offer in Hammersmith and Fulham W: